Stuck for time? Here's a quick view of our best cards

Stuck for time? Here's a quick view of our best cards

Mortgage lending down 10% in September

Chelsea shines with new 2.99% five-year fixed rate

Broke homeowners turn to lodgers for cash-boost

HSBC unveils new fixed-rate mortgages

House price falls expected to slow, say surveyors

High fees tarnish new mortgage deals

Nationwide pulls the plug on interest-only mortgage deals

House prices fall for third month in a row

All-out mortgage war as lenders slash rates

Bank of Mum and Dad helps 100K onto housing ladder

Millions of Brits to rely on homes to fund their old age

Mortgage availability improves significantly

NewBuy completions at just 250 four months after launch

Mortgage approvals fall 13% in August

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