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Brokers: T

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  • T A Labuschagne Partnership
  • T L
  • T B Mortgage Services
  • T F P (Life and Pensions) Ltd T/A Medical and Professional
  • T J P Financial
  • T K White Co Ltd
  • T R S IFA's
  • T. N Financial Services
  • T/A Mortgages Direct
  • Tailored Mortgages Ltd
  • Tailored Mortgages Ltd (Bognor Regis)
  • Takafol (UK) Ltd
  • Takafol (UK) Ltd
  • Talisman Financial Services Ltd
  • Tamworth Finance
  • Tanat Ltd. (Daniels Financial)
  • Tara Finance
  • Tarek Sultan Rouf
  • Taylor Co
  • Taylor-Made Financial Planning
  • Taylormade Millenium Mortgages
  • TBO Corporate Benefit Consultants Ltd
  • Team Financial Services Ltd
  • Tee Financial
  • Tees Valley Financial Services Ltd
  • Templeton Charterhouse
  • TFP
  • TFS
  • THB Financial Services
  • The Mortgage Group
  • The Active Finance Company
  • The Alexander Beard Group
  • The Alternative Funding Corporation Ltd
  • The Axiom Group
  • The Black White Group Limited
  • The Burns Financial Practice
  • The Carbon Partnership Ltd
  • The Chamaine Consultancy Ltd
  • The Chester Partnership
  • The Clarkson Hill Group PLC
  • The Compass Wealth Management
  • The Cotswold Mortgage House Ltd
  • The Emerald Partnership
  • The Ethical Investment Cooperative
  • The Ethical Investment Co-Operative Ltd
  • The Executive Mortgage Co Ltd
  • The Finance Brokerage
  • The Financial Advice Centre
  • The Greenock Mortgage Shop
  • The Howorth Partnership
  • The Independent Consultancy
  • The Independent Financial Advice Partnership
  • The Independent Life Pensions Group Ltd
  • The Independent Mortgage Insurance Centre
  • The Independent Mortgage Advisory Service
  • The Independent Mortgage People
  • The Independent Mortgage Shop (Belfast)
  • The Insurance Shop
  • The Ivis Network
  • The Jelf Group
  • The Lending Link Ltd
  • The Link Centre
  • The Man for Mortgages
  • The Millfield Partnership
  • The Minel Group Ltd
  • The Money Group
  • The More Group
  • The Mortgage Insurance Bureau
  • The Mortgage Advice Shop Ltd
  • The Mortgage Advisors (Ringwood)
  • The Mortgage and Insurance Bureau Ltd
  • The Mortgage Broker Ltd
  • The Mortgage Bureau (Northampton)
  • The Mortgage Bureau (Norwich)
  • The Mortgage Bureau Ltd - Watford
  • The Mortgage Centre
  • The Mortgage Centre (Southern) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Centre Partnership
  • The Mortgage Clinic Ltd
  • The Mortgage Co (1992) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Company Ltd
  • The Mortgage Contact
  • The Mortgage Corner Cheshire Ltd
  • The mortgage deskdotnet
  • The Mortgage Directory ()
  • The Mortgage Door
  • The Mortgage Exchange (London) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Group
  • The Mortgage Hotline
  • The Mortgage Hotline (Southport)
  • The Mortgage House
  • The Mortgage Line
  • The Mortgage Market
  • The Mortgage Market (cardiff) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Market (Nth West)
  • The Mortgage Matters
  • The Mortgage Merchant Ltd (Luton)
  • The Mortgage Monitor
  • The Mortgage Monkey
  • The Mortgage Network
  • The Mortgage Organisation
  • The Mortgage Partnership
  • The Mortgage Partnership MK Ltd
  • The Mortgage Partnership MK Ltd
  • The Mortgage Point Ltd
  • The Mortgage Practitioner
  • The Mortgage Shop (1997) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Shop (Bristol)
  • The Mortgage Shop (Colne)
  • The Mortgage Shop (Devon)
  • The Mortgage Shop (Eglington)
  • The Mortgage Shop (Kent)
  • The Mortgage Solution Ltd
  • The Mortgage Specialist Ltd
  • The Mortgage Store
  • The Mortgage Trader
  • The Mortgage Trading Company
  • The Mortgage Warehouse
  • The Mortgage Warehouse (GB) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Zone (Uk) Ltd
  • The Mortgage Zone Ltd
  • The Murray Agency
  • The Neale Roberts Partnership
  • The Northants Mortgage Service Limited
  • The Personal Mortgage Service
  • The Peterborough Mortgage Company Limited
  • The Porchester Group Ltd
  • The Quezal Group
  • The Review Company
  • The Ridgeway Partnership
  • The Ridgeway Partnership
  • The Right Mortgage Company
  • The Right Move Estate Agents
  • The Scrivener-Evans Partnership Ltd
  • The Spectrum Partnership LLP
  • The St David's Partnership
  • The St James Partnership
  • The Stockbridge Partnership LLP
  • The Swift Group
  • The Transparent Mortgage Company
  • The Truly Independent Mortgage Company
  • The Woodham Partnership
  • The Yes Mortgage Centre
  • The Yes Mortgage Centre
  • The Yorkshire Mortgage Company
  • Thee Mortgage Consultancy Ltd
  • Thinc
  • Thinc Financial Planning
  • Thinc Mortgage Solutions
  • Think Mortgages Ltd
  • Thistle Financial Management
  • Thomas Co Financial Services
  • Thomas Gentry Independent Financial Advisers
  • Thomas Anthony Financial Services Ltd
  • Thomas Anthony Financial Services Ltd
  • Thomas James
  • Thoms Associates (Egham)
  • Thoms Associates Limited (Middlesex)
  • Throgmorton Financial Services Limited
  • Tiffens I F S
  • TM Financial
  • TMH Mortgages
  • Tony Francis IFA (MANCHESTER)
  • Tony Sanham Associates
  • Tony Tyler Financial Services
  • Top of The Range
  • Topworth Financial Services
  • Total Asset Management
  • Total Finance UK Ltd
  • Total Financial Planning Ltd
  • Total Home Loans
  • Total Independent Mortgages
  • Total Mortgage Solution
  • Total Mortgages
  • Total Wealth Management Ltd
  • Tower Financial Services
  • Tower Investment Financial Services
  • Town Country Property Services
  • Trading Places Mortgage Brokers
  • Trafford Independent Investments Ltd
  • Trafford Investments Ltd
  • Transparent Mortgages Limited
  • Travis Yates
  • Trevor Parker Financial Ltd
  • Triangle Mortgage Solutions
  • Tricom Ltd T/A E-Mortgage UK
  • Trinity Financial Advisers Ltd
  • Trinity Financial Services
  • Trinity Independent Mortgage Brokers
  • Trinity Mortgage Finance Co
  • Triple Independent Financial Services
  • True Bearing Ltd
  • True Financial
  • Trustee Asset Management Ltd
  • Trusthaven Mortgage Services
  • TSB Finance
  • Tudor Rose Solicitors Financial Planning
  • Turnaround Finance
  • TW Financial
Templegate Loans and Mortgages

Whatever your circumstances, try Templegate for your loan

Templegate loans and Mortgages understand that working practices for many people are not as simple as nine-five. For this reason, Templegate offer mortgages and loans to a wide variety of people who might be refused elsewhere. For instance, all Templegate require is 2-3 recent payslips from your employer in order to confirm your income, a contract of employment if this is how you work, or even cash in hand payment if you can display an alternative proof of income.

Whatever the specifics of your circumstances, Templegate could find you a mortgage loan deal. Not only that, Templegate offer loans for any purpose, providing a professional service to a variety of customers, whether or not they have had credit problems elsewhere.

For those people who do not fit standard bank and building society criteria, such as people with mortgage arrears, county court judgements, defaults, discharged bankrupts, non-reference, unusual properties and no status, Templegate could still find a mortgage.

Templegate are also remortgage specialists, doing their best to secure remortgage deals for borrowers of all descriptions.

The Idol

The Idol is one of the trading arms of Investment Discounts On-Line ltd and is regulated by the financial services authority. The company was set up in 1999 to offer low-cot financial products and services through the internet.

The Idol has good working relationships with a variety of major insurers and lenders, and can offer good premiums, interest rates and deals. The Idol constantly invests in order to keep their technology at the forefront of the market and maintain some of the highest service standards in the industry.

The Idol offer a comprehensive range of mortgage advice, and a regular email service to keep their clients informed of changes and breaking news in the mortgage market. Whichever type of mortgage loan you are looking for, whether you are a first-time buyer or are looking to remortgage to save money, the Idol could provide high-quality mortgage advice from qualified professionals.

On-line personal finance, from The Idol.

The Mortgage and Loan Group / The Mortgage Operation

TMO (The Mortgage Operation) help you make more money by providing you with ideas and products that help you to resolve property issues or simply find the best deal. TMO will find you the mortgage you need.

TMO will complete your mortgage quickly and efficiently; their trained advisers are experts in the mortgage industry, however specialist or niche your mortgage product might be. Mortgage and Loan Group (MLG), the consumer-facing brand of TMO, are experts in adverse credit, buy to let, self-cert, prime and sub-prime mortgage loans, and offer a range of TMO exclusive products. The advice team will always be on hand to answer your questions about any aspects of the industry.

TMO provides a professional service to its growing list of happy clients, and whether they deal with you online, over the telephone, or face-to-face TMO will always endeavour to provide grade A customer service to all their clients.

Even if you have been refused credit before, or you are worried by an adverse credit history, TMO could still find the deal for you from specialist lenders catering for exactly this kind of situation.

Finance can be difficult, and finding a mortgage is never easy, so having the professional assistance of a company like TMO could save you both time and money.

The Mortgage Route are experts in mortgages, house buying and remortgage deals. Whether you are a first-time buyer, an experienced landlord, or looking to upgrade your home, The Mortgage Route can cater for everything.

TMR mortgage advice is second to none, based around personal contact in which the company find out enough about your current circumstances to enable them to negotiate a deal on your behalf. Depending on what you are trying to achieve from your mortgage, TMR find you the optimum deal.

Using a cutting edge industry sourcing system that takes the rates of all the lenders in the UK mortgage market, The Mortgage Route will filter down their search based on your requirements. TMR don’t just look for the cheapest initial deal to wow their clients; they are dedicated to finding you the best loan, for the lifetime of the loan.

The Mortgage Route can assist you through the application process, allowing you to obtain a mortgage to suit your needs. TMR are always just a phone call away if you need clarification or have any queries.

The Mortgage Sorter is on arm of the MoneySorter network of websites. We bring you independent, user-friendly, unbiased information for all aspects of UK personal finance.

The Mortgage Sorter is an independent website that offer impartial information on every aspect of the UK mortgage market. We are not technically traders in the mortgage industry, and are unregulated by the FSA (Financial Services Authority.) The Mortgage Sorter is aimed at normal people trying to make sense of the jargon that surrounds the mortgage market, and indeed any financial product. The Mortgage Sorter was written and developed by non-finance professionals who speak your language.

Any enquiry made with us is passed to qualified mortgage advisers. We only pass enquiries on to the highest quality advisers, who really do have your financial interests at heart. The future of your finances depends on how you manage them, and choosing a professional and friendly operation such as The Mortgage Sorter for all your mortgage needs gives you the best financial start possible.

The Tenet Group Plc

The Tenet Group has developed a strong reputation over their fifteen years of industry experience, and has grown to become the largest independently owned IFA group in the United Kingdom.

The Tenet group helps their advisers to develop successful businesses within a strict regulatory framework, providing financial advice to a range of private and business clients.

The Tenet Group has huge resources allowing them to adapt to any environmental or regulation changes in the market. The Tenet Group also has strong links with the Regulator and Treasury, and are board members of numerous financial services organisations. For this reason, they are very well informed of any changes in the financial climate.

The Tenet Group supports over 5000 financial advisers, through seven of the major brands in the financial services industry. Tenet maintains excellent profitability and exceptional financial performance. The group is a market leader, and are at the forefront of innovation. Tenet aim to add value to the businesses of their clients by providing a first-class holistic service of financial advice.

LIME (Lifetime Insurance Mortgage Experts) is a groundbreaking Mortgage and General Insurance Network provided by Tenet, as well as being a support service provider. LIME helps intermediaries to reduce the regulatory burden whilst increasing income streams. Together with Tenet, LIME offers a unique range of mortgage services and the best commission rates on the market. These include exclusive products and deals, software, conveyancing services and comprehensive panels.

Thinc Destini Ltd

Thinc Destini is a financial consultancy offering an enormous range of financial solution to their clients. Thinc Destini acknowledges the needs of their clients and uses them to identify and explain the most appropriate solutions together.

Thinc Destini also offer advice on pensions, investments, protection, estate planning and inheritance tax planning, buildings and content insurance. Adopting a partnership approach with their clients, Thinc Destini advisers transact over the phone, face-to-face and online.

All advisers are fully qualified, and many hold advanced qualifications such as the Advanced Financial Planning Certificate. Thinc Destini consultants are the pick of the bunch, and most have experience in all areas of financial planning. Thinc Destini also encourages specialisation to find the best generic and niche financial product advice. Because of the size and strength of Thinc Destini in the marketplace, they are able to negotiate on behalf of their clients, meaning that exclusive products are commonplace for their customers. Financial products come from a specially selected panel of leading providers. Thinc Destini prides themselves on the level of their customer service: their client retention record is exceptional.

When it comes to mortgages, Thinc Destini recognise how much of a commitment this can be, and the importance of providing expert individually tailored advice to their clients. Thinc Destini Financial Advisers will listen to the current needs of their clients, but also use their experience and knowledge to anticipate future needs, making sure that the loan is always paid off in the most efficient way possible.

Thinc Destini have access to over 4,000 mortgage products from over 100 lenders. Our clients get the greatest choice and the complete solution. Thinc Destini offers their own exclusive products ensuring low mortgage rates.

Thinc Destini offer a variety of products to cater for remortgages, purchases, first-time buyers, buy to lets, impaired credit, equity release, let to buy, debt consolidation, new builds and foreign mortgages. Repayment facilities include fixed-rate, trackers, discounted rate, offset, variable and capped. Your mortgage requirement really can be satisfied via Thinc Destini Financial Consultancy.

Towry Law

Towry Law Professional Financial Services are a highly regarded UK company who have been providing independent financial advice on a professional basis since 1958.

Towry Law Professional Financial Services are a highly regarded UK company who have been providing independent financial advice on a professional basis since 1958. Towry Law has a national network of offices, and handles every enquiry personally, providing first-class information covering every option available.

Financial planning can be a complex field, and Towry Law prioritise straight talking and common sense. Towry Law commit to making all of their communications direct and straightforward. In financial planning, it is important that the client trusts their adviser, and Towry Law happily shoulder this huge responsibility. They aim to match their knowledge with client needs and objectives. Towry Law are professional in all their dealings, and really do deliver what they promise.

The company offers a vast range of services that include construction of a portfolio, retirement planning, tax mitigation planning, investment strategy and inheritance tax planning. Towry Law also offer a variety of brokerage services, including insurance and mortgages.

Towry Law provide comprehensive mortgage services through their relationship with Hamptons International Mortgages. Hamptons have a reputation for innovations, expertise and professionalism. Their consultants are experienced, and the company dedicate a case manager to each mortgage deal.

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