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Brokers: M

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  • M P Financial Consultants LLP
  • M S Consultants
  • M S Mortgage Solutions
  • M S Mortgage Solutions
  • M A Financial Services
  • M C M Independent Mortgage Consultants Ltd
  • M C MortgageFinancial Services
  • M C N Financial Services Ltd.
  • M D Beckett Financial Services
  • M K Captial Ltd
  • M Markey Ltd
  • M P I Direct
  • M U Mortgages
  • M. P Financial Services
  • M. S. Delbridge Financial Services
  • M.I.M.S Ltd
  • M.P Financial Services ()
  • M.R. Mortgage Services
  • M7Intelligence
  • Macbeth Currie
  • MacDonald Parrish
  • Mach Insurance Investment Services
  • Maddison Square Mortgage Protection Ltd
  • Maestro Financial Services Ltd
  • Magus Financial Consultants Ltd
  • Mah Mortgage Finance
  • Maidencroft Financial Services Ltd
  • Major Estates
  • Major Financial Services
  • Malbridge Financial Services
  • Malin Financial Services
  • Manchester Independent Mortgages Ltd
  • Manchester Mortgage Matters
  • Manchester Mortgages Ltd
  • Manor Brokers
  • Manor Financial Management Ltd
  • Mantle Partners Ltd
  • Map Financial Ltd
  • Maple Lord Limited
  • Marc Randall Financial Services
  • Marchmaine
  • Marcus Copeland Mortgage Services
  • Margaret Jones Mortgage Solutions
  • Maritime Financial Services
  • Mark Davies. P. A.
  • Mark Lewington (Worcester)
  • Mark Pincott Associates
  • Mark Sheppard Financial Services Ltd
  • Marlingham Ltd
  • Marr Financial Services
  • Marsden Cooper Associates
  • Marshall Consultancy Services Ltd
  • Marshall Finance
  • Marshalwick Financial Services
  • Martin Carey's Independent Financial Services
  • Massey Divall Financial Services
  • Masson Glennie Solicitors
  • MAST Financial Consultancy Ltd
  • Master Mortgages Ltd
  • Mastersons
  • Matthew Douglas Ltd
  • Maureen Pembridge Financial Advisory Services
  • Mayfair Securities Finance
  • Mayflower Finance
  • McCrea Financial Services
  • McGowan IFA's
  • McHale Heaney Brokers Limited
  • McKenzie Financial Services Ltd
  • McParland Partners
  • Meadon Life Ltd
  • Mearns and Co
  • Med-Ex
  • Medical Executive Financial Services
  • Medics Investment Services
  • Melford Financial Services
  • Mentor Insurance Agency Ltd
  • Merchants
  • Merchants IFA Ltd
  • Mere Park Financial Services Ltd
  • Meridian Mortgages Ltd
  • Merlin Financial Services Ltd
  • Mervyn Scourfield-Thomas
  • Metcalf Moat
  • Metra Property Services
  • MFP Group Plc
  • MFS
  • MG Financial Services
  • MG Financial Solutions
  • MGLP Financial Services
  • MI Financial Services LLP
  • Michael Draper Company
  • Michael E Power Financial Services
  • Michael Hopkins Insurance Services
  • Michael J Kennedy Mortgage Services
  • Michael Mott Financial Services Ltd
  • Michael Pavey Westinsure Financial Services
  • Michael Redwood and Co
  • Michael Royde
  • Michael Usher Mortgage Services
  • Michael Waite Ifa Ltd
  • Michael Williams Financial Services
  • Middle England Financial Services
  • Middle Key Mortgages
  • Middleton Financial Solutions Ltd
  • Midland Mortgage Services
  • Midlands Financial Consultancy Services
  • Midshires Direct Ltd
  • Mike Cooke Independent Mortgage Consultants
  • Mike Jennings IMA (Sole Trader)
  • Mike Rogerson Estate Agents
  • Mike Taylor Associates Ltd
  • Milbourne Financial Services Ltd
  • Miles Barr
  • Milford Dormer Solicitors
  • Millennium Insurance
  • Millennium Mortgage Centre
  • Millfield Heritage Mortgage Shop
  • Millfield JP Associates Limited
  • Milton Gordon Co
  • Minerva Financial Services (Peterborough)
  • Minster Ethical Moneybox
  • Minster Home Loans
  • Mirfield Mortgage Brokers Ltd
  • Mitchell Financial Services
  • Mitchell Harper Mortgages
  • MLH Mortgage Consulting
  • MMNE
  • MMR Financial Planning (Midlands) Ltd
  • MN Associates
  • MN Associates (UK) Limited
  • MNFA Limited
  • Modi Shah Services Ltd
  • Money Extra Mortgages
  • Money Matter Financial Management Ltd
  • Money Matters
  • Money Shopper Limited (London)
  • Money Works UK
  • Money World
  • Moneycare Financial Planning
  • Moneyplan
  • Moneypoint Finance Limited
  • MoneyQuest Mortgage Brokers (Glasgow)
  • Moneyquest Mortgage Brokers Ltd
  • Moneywatch Finance
  • Moneywise Mortgage/The Advice Centre Ltd
  • Moorbridge Financial Services Limited
  • Moorcroft Financial Services
  • Moore Smalley
  • Moore Stephens Financial Services
  • Moran Webb
  • More Than Mortgages
  • More4loans
  • Morgan Investments
  • Morgan Law (F.S.) Ltd
  • Morgan Sterling Limited
  • Morland Potter
  • Morland Potter Ltd
  • Morland Services
  • Morley Co Independent Mortgage Advice Ltd
  • MorrisonWard Associates
  • Mortgage Corporate Services
  • Mortgage Finance Club
  • Mortgage Insurance Solutions
  • Mortgage Investment Solutions
  • Mortgage Pension Advice Bureau
  • Mortgage Pensions Advice Bureau LLP
  • Mortgage Property Centre (UK) Ltd
  • Mortgage Property Matters
  • Mortgage '10' Ltd
  • Mortgage 4 You Ltd
  • Mortgage Able
  • Mortgage Access UK Ltd
  • Mortgage Advance Centre
  • Mortgage Advice Practice Ltd
  • Mortgage Advice Bureau
  • Mortgage Advice Bureau (Grindon)
  • Mortgage Advice Bureau (Staffs) Limited
  • Mortgage Advice Bureau (Staffs) Limited
  • Mortgage Advice Bureau (Stoke on Trent)
  • Mortgage Advice Company
  • Mortgage Advice Direct Ltd - MortgageZone
  • Mortgage Advice Service
  • Mortgage Advice Service (North Notts)
  • Mortgage Advice Service (Nottingham)
  • Mortgage Advice Service (York)
  • Mortgage Advice Shop
  • Mortgage Adviser UK Ltd
  • Mortgage Advisory Services
  • Mortgage Angels
  • Mortgage Applications Ltd
  • Mortgage Arrangement Bureau
  • Mortgage Arrangement Bureau (Milton Keynes)
  • Mortgage Assistance
  • Mortgage Beaters
  • Mortgage Box
  • Mortgage Broker Advice London
  • Mortgage Brokers Advice Manchester
  • Mortgage Brokers Advice Southport
  • Mortgage Broking Services Ltd
  • Mortgage Bureau (Surrey) Limited
  • Mortgage Care
  • Mortgage Choice Direct (Sale)
  • Mortgage Choice Direct (Sale)
  • Mortgage City International
  • Mortgage Connections UK
  • Mortgage Consultants Brokers
  • Mortgage Designs Solutions
  • Mortgage Designs Solutions (Sutton)
  • Mortgage Direct (NW)
  • Mortgage Directory
  • Mortgage Doctors
  • Mortgage Dr Ltd
  • Mortgage Expression
  • Mortgage Find
  • Mortgage Find (Bexley)
  • Mortgage Force
  • Mortgage Force - Blackburn
  • Mortgage Force (CH003)
  • Mortgage Force Fowey
  • Mortgage Genie
  • Mortgage Horizons
  • Mortgage Independent Ltd
  • Mortgage Independent Services
  • Mortgage Information Bureau
  • Mortgage Issues
  • Mortgage Life Solutions Ltd
  • Mortgage Life Uk Limited
  • Mortgage Lifestyle
  • Mortgage Line
  • Mortgage Link Finance
  • Mortgage Madness Ltd
  • Mortgage Man Independent Mortgage Broker
  • Mortgage Market
  • Mortgage Marketplace Limited
  • Mortgage Masters
  • Mortgage Masters (glasgow) Ltd
  • Mortgage Masters UK LTD
  • Mortgage Matters - Mortaine
  • Mortgage Matters (not related to Mortgage Property Matters)
  • Mortgage Matters Belfast
  • Mortgage Minds
  • Mortgage Minds (London)
  • Mortgage Mission
  • Mortgage Mission Ltd
  • Mortgage Move Limited
  • Mortgage Movers
  • Mortgage Now UK Ltd
  • Mortgage Options
  • Mortgage Options (NI) Ltd
  • Mortgage Planners
  • Mortgage Processing Services
  • Mortgage Q
  • Mortgage Quest
  • Mortgage Quest Ltd
  • Mortgage Reduction Specialists (UK) Ltd
  • Mortgage Reply Services
  • Mortgage Rescue Ltd
  • Mortgage Response
  • Mortgage Route (Wirral)
  • Mortgage Route (Wirral) (Wirral)
  • Mortgage Route (Wirral) (Wirral)
  • Mortgage Select
  • Mortgage Selections Ltd
  • Mortgage Sense
  • Mortgage Sense Insurance Services
  • Mortgage Shield
  • Mortgage Shield Ltd
  • Mortgage Shop Ind Ltd
  • Mortgage Simplicity (UK) Ltd
  • Mortgage Simplicity Ltd (Clackmannanshire)
  • Mortgage Solutions
  • Mortgage Solutions (Cambridge)
  • Mortgage Solutions (Oldham)
  • Mortgage Solutions (South West)
  • Mortgage Solutions (Staffordshire)
  • Mortgage Solutions (Weymouth)
  • Mortgage Solutions UK
  • Mortgage Solutions UK (RC) Ltd
  • Mortgage Spectrum Ltd
  • Mortgage Stop Ltd
  • Mortgage Talk Ltd (Rotherham)
  • Mortgage TCO Ltd
  • Mortgage Times
  • Mortgage Tracker Ltd
  • Mortgage UK
  • Mortgage Webb PLC
  • Mortgage Workshop
  • Mortgage World (NE) Limited
  • Mortgage Zone Financial Services
  • Mortgage:Re:Mortgage
  • MortgageEasy Ltd
  • Mortgageland Limited
  • Mortgages @ Clearwater
  • Mortgages @Options
  • Mortgages and Loans Saving Centre Limited
  • Mortgages Direct
  • Mortgages Direct
  • Mortgages Direct Limited
  • Mortgages for Business (Sevenoaks)
  • Mortgages For Everyone
  • Mortgages for you
  • Mortgages Guaranteed
  • Mortgages Mortgages
  • Mortgages Now
  • Mortgages Pensions Investments Ltd
  • Mortgages plc
  • Mortgages Plus
  • Mortgages R 4 U Ltd
  • Mortgages Together
  • Mortgages Together Ltd
  • Mortgages UK-Wide
  • Mortgages@LocalProperties LLP
  • Mortgagesaving
  • Motts Mortgages (Penarth)
  • Mountbatten Financial Management
  • MP Mortgages
  • MPC Ltd
  • MPS Financial Services
  • MRP Solutions Ltd
  • Mulbury Hamilton
  • Multi Finance
  • Multi Mortgages
  • Multiplan Ltd T/A Balmoral IFA
  • Murphy Scoular Financial Services
  • Murray Beith Murray
  • My Money Matters Ltd
  • Myers Davison Ginger Limited
  • Myne Ure IFA
Millfield Partnership

The Millfield Group acts as the parent company for a community of over 1500 IFAs (Independent Financial Advisers) throughout the UK.

These professionals are dedicated to providing support services to businesses and individuals.

Specialising in training, advanced IT, regulatory supervision and product expertise, the Millfield Group stand alongside their advisers in offering you the best service possible.

Millfield operates under the policy of ‘Treat the Customer Fairly’, and therefore provides services and advice on a vast range of financial products to both individual and corporate clients. These fields include life insurance, pensions, investments, savings and mortgages. Financial advisers under the Millfield umbrella aim to develop and sustain trust with their clients, and deliver their advice with sincerity and integrity.

When it comes to independent mortgage advice, Millfield Partnership could have the solution for you. Buying and selling a house can be really tricky, every person has different aims of what they want to achieve. Millfield are on hand with professional and hassle-free advice, providing a solution to suit the needs of the customer.

Independent mortgage advisers at Millfield use sophisticated IT systems, combined with their own industry experience, to find you the best mortgage possible.


Moneywizard is an Independent Mortgage Broker that has the authority to research the whole of the marketplace in order to helpand advise you on the best mortgage deal to meet your needs.

The UK mortgage marketplace is extremely complicated, with a variety of different types of deal, including fixed rate mortgages, capped rate mortgages, discount rate mortgages and flexible mortgages.

Moneywizard aim to provide a quality service focused on ensuring the best deals for their clients. They appreciate that taking out a mortgage loan is likely to be the largest financial commitment of most people’s lifetimes, and their role is to help people to understand how a mortgage works, and how essential it is to manage repayment money prudently. Where possible, Moneywizard will reduce your financial burden and even allow you to redeem you mortgage at an earlier date. Throughout their association with clients, Moneywizard are committed to providing the highest standard of customer care and service before, during and after your mortgage completes.

Moneywizard offers mortgages from the whole market, allowing a vast choice in the services they offer.

Moneypoint is a fully independent UK mortgage provider who has access to a range specialist mortgage lenders.

Moneypoint can arrange competitive mortgages, as well as offering re-mortgages for people with credit problems. If you are self-employed or find it hard to prove your income (self-certification mortgages), Moneypoint could be on hand to help. We assess each case individually, making sure that we can advise you of the best possible mortgage on the market to suit your needs.

We have access to a range of exclusive mortgage deals that are not available on the high street, and in come cases we can issue a virtual mortgage to you within hours. Whether you are looking for a Non Status Mortgage, a Self Cert Mortgage, a Bad Credit Mortgage Similarly, when it comes to remortgages, Moneypoint could help you find a non-status remortgage, a self-cert remortgage, a bad credit remortgage, a problem remortgage or a poor credit remortgage.

Are you looking for a great deal on your new mortgage or remortgage? Moneyquest could have the answer.

Moneyquest is one of the largest Mortgage Brokers in the UK, employing a variety of fully trained mortgage advisers who have specialist knowledge of every aspect of the mortgage market.

Moneyquest could provide you with a first-class, award winning, no obligation mortgage quotation service, offered from the whole of the market. We are independent, and not constrained to offer products from some lenders and not from others, so we can find you the most competitive rates around.

Moneyquest are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Whether you are looking for a UK mortgage or remortgage, Moneyquest is a dynamic company specialising in telephone and Internet based mortgage services. We are in the position to source some of the best UK mortgage lender deals, and we do not charge broker fees.

Moneyquest also design their service to cater for those customers applying for a high value home loan, so if you need a large mortgage, we could find you the best deal possible.

Montpelier Group

Montpelier Group is a privately owned IFA (Independent Financial Advisory) business supervising over £750 million worth of assets. The team has over 20 senior consultants providing advice to a variety of high net worth individuals through a number of wholly owned offices.

Montpelier Group are aiming to be the first truly global IFA and they are committed to one to one service standard, complete transparency in relation to charges, and providing the highest quality advice.

Montpelier Group provide advice on a range of financial products from numerous providers, and use advanced software to research, compare and select the products most suitable for their clients. Montpelier Group offer expertise in many different areas, including estate planning, pensions, mortgages, investments, life assurance and taxation.

When it comes to mortgages, Montpelier Group offer a range of advice, saving you money whether you are buying a home for the first time or just reviewing your mortgage situation. Because of Montpelier Group’s international range, we can compare mortgages across countries, ideal should you be looking to buy property abroad.

Mortgage Online

At Mortgages-online, we will find you the best mortgage with no fee if we arrange your loan.

Mortgages-online use independent, whole of market research. This is what we do best: we find you the best mortgage.

There are so many different mortgage products to choose from, and lenders will only tell you about their best deals. If a better deal can be obtained elsewhere, Mortgages-online will find it. Getting the best deal means far more than finding the lowest rate of interest, a mortgage broker like Mortgages-online can help you compare the terms and conditions of each loan. Getting sound independent financial advice can help not only in maintaining the best deal possible, but also in saving you the most money.

Mortgages online are independent financial advisers, and are in a position to recommend mortgages from all lenders. Should you apply for a mortgage through us, we will charge you no fee.

There are numerous catches to be aware of with mortgage loans, particularly if you are trying to apply with bad credit. Credit searches leave footprints, redemption penalties can make a seemingly good deal sour, an inflexible loan could leave you stuck in a bad financial situation. These are the kind of things that Mortgages-online are experts in dealing with or avoiding, and we can pass that knowledge on to you if you choose us as your mortgage brokers.

Receive Mortgage Advice from a Regulated Advisor

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Submit your details today for an obligation-free chat and a regulated mortgage advisor will call you back to help you find the mortgage that best fits your needs.

We will only provide your details to one regulated advisor.

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