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Let to buy mortgages

Let to buy mortgages are used if you want to move but can’t sell your home.

You rent out your existing home, and take out a let to buy mortgage on it, which you use to pay towards a new home.

This sort of mortgage is useful if you have to move for work reasons, for example, but can’t sell - or if you want to hold on to your original home for investment purposes.

How do they work?

The let to buy lender calculates how much it is willing to lend you without taking your existing home loan into consideration - as long as the rent paid by your tenants covers the monthly repayments.

The lender on your existing mortgage has to be satisfied this is enough, otherwise it won’t let your mortgage be ignored when your new lender makes calculations for your Let to Buy loan.

Be aware that you must ask your existing lender for permission; lenders may say no if they think you are financially over-stretching yourself.

Find out more

To find out more about your let to buy mortgage options, you can get free advice from a specialist mortgage advisor.

Lender Initial Rate Duration Standard Rate Overall Cost For Comparison Max Loan To Value Fee
  • HSBC Special 60% LTV

1.99% To Jan 2014 3.94% 3.7% APR 60% £999
  • ING Direct

2.25% To Nov 2013 3.5% 3.4% APR 60% £1,945
  • Leeds BS (Direct) 2yr

2.45% 2 years 5.69% 5.4% APR 75% £999
  • Leek United BS

2.49% 2 Years 5.19% 4.9% APR 75% £495
  • Monmouthshire BS Direct Purchase

2.49% 2 years 4.99% 4.7% APR 70% £499
  • Hinckley & Rugby BS Remortgage

2.59% 2 years 5.64% 5.1% APR 75% £990
  • Clydesdale Bank Purchase

2.59% To Dec 2013 4.59% 4.5% APR 65% £999
  • Market Harborough BS

2.65% 3 years 5.49% 4.8% APR 75% Nil
  • Norwich & Peterborough BS

2.85% 2 years 5.35% 5% APR 85% £995
  • Melton Mowbray BS

3.35% term 4.99% 3.5% APR 75% £99
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