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Are you muddled about mortgages?

Top mortgages for those with a small deposit

The number of mortgages for borrowers with hardly any deposit is increasing, which has to be good news for first-time buyers. Read more.

Should borrowers be tempted by a ten-year mortgage fix?

Rates on ten-year mortgage fixes are currently very competitive, but should borrowers think about tying themselves to one rate for the next decade? Read more.

Time to bag a tracker mortgage?

As interest rates are expected to remain low for the next couple of year, should borrowers move on to a mortgage with variable repayments that track the Bank of England base rate? Read more.

Avoid this sneaky mortgage trap

Headline rates can be enticing, but often they are masking something else such as high fees. We show you what to watch out for. Read more.

Eight ways to get the best mortgage rates

If your mortgage is getting too expensive, we show you some easy ways to reduce your mortgage costs. Read more.

What REALLY adds value to your home?

Carrying out home improvements can help to boost the value of your property – but make sure it doesn't end in disaster. Read more.

Knock ten years off your mortgage

All homeowners would love to free themselves from paying out huge monthly sums on their mortgage. We show you ways to cut your home loan down to size. Read more.

Seven ways to make money from your home

If you need some extra money, your home may have the solution. Read more.

Is now the time to buy your first home?

Buying a home will save you nearly 200k in rent over 50 years, but where do first-time buyers start when it comes to getting on the property ladder? Read more.

Sniffing out the latest news

Halifax to remove fees on remortgage products

Halifax has announced it will save customers £1,760 by removing upfront fees on its remortgage products. Read more.

Mortgage war heats up as another lender offers a sub-3% fixed deal

Santander has matched HSBC's 2.99% for five-year fixed rate - with fees just £5 less as rival lender Skipton withdraws its 3.99% seven-year fixed rate. Read more.

Mortgage lending drops 5% in June

The value of mortgages lent dropped by £600 million in June, experts say the market is suffering from a see-saw effect. Read more.

Stop stamp duty for homes costing under £250,000

Britain's largest estate agency group Countrywide is urging the government to get rid of stamp duty permanently to boost the housing market. Read more.


Good and bad news on house prices

Property prices have risen over the year, but fell in June, the first drop for seven months as mortgage activity stalls thanks to rain and royalty. Read more.

First-time buyer affordability improves as towns get cheaper

A growing number of UK towns are becoming more affordable to first-time buyers - the numbers for which have been improving in recent years. Read more.

HSBC launches cheapest ever five and seven-year fixed-rate mortgages

HSBC's five-year fixed-rate of 2.99% for those with a 40% deposit or 3.99% for those wanting a seven year fix is the cheapest ever. Read more.

Mortgage lending up, but outlook still gloomy

Despite significant growth in gross mortgage lending, it's feared the uncertain economic climate will hamper any growth. Read more.

Nearly a fifth of pensioners still have mortgages

It's not just the young who are in debt: latest figures show that 17% of over-55s have mortgages - as one lender allows borrowers' mortgages to extend beyond age 75. Read more.

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