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  • How to beat 62K second-time buyer gap

    First-time buyers looking to move up the property ladder face a huge financial gap thanks to falling house prices, lost equity and low savings.

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  • Nationwide mortgages: Are they any good?

    Nationwide has revealed it has doubled mortgage lending over the past six months and has lent to eight in ten new borrowers. So just how good is its mortgage range?

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  • Editor Liz Phillips: Another nail in the coffin of interest-only mortgages

    One more lender has chosen to abandon interest-only mortgages, which continue to turn into a niche product as consumer demand falls.

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  • Are fee-free mortgages the cheaper option?

    Virgin Money has just lowered the rates on its fee-free mortgages. But do fee-free mortgages always work out to be the best option?


Sniffing out the latest news?

House prices will be ‘stable’ in 2013

Britain's largest mortgage lender predicts house prices will hardly move next year – but its index shows prices fell by 1.3% over the year to November.


Brits still have the home-owning bug

Despite high prices and the difficulty of saving up a deposit, people still want to own a home rather than be tenants, new research shows.


North-south divide narrows as London property prices fall

London property prices dropped during November, the first time in a year, and the north-south property divide is starting to close.


HSBC steps up mortgage war with new 1.99% deal

HSBC has launched a new two-year fixed-rate mortgage at 1.99%, catapulting itself to the top of tables with the lowest deal on offer.

  • Fixed Rate

    HSBC Fixed Rate

    • Why we like it:
    • Pay 1.99% interest until February 2015
    • Overpay by up to 20% of monthly repayment
    • Watch out for:
    • Fee of £1999
    • You need deposit of 40%
  • Base Rate Tracker

    Santander 2 Year Tracker

    • Why we like it:
    • Interest is 2.79% (2.29% above base rate) for 2 years
    • Fee of £995
    • Watch out for:
    • You need a 30% deposit
    • Early repayment charge for 2 years
  • Discount

    HSBC Discount Special

    • Why we like it:
    • Pay 2.49% for 2 years
    • Fee of £999
    • Watch out for:
    • You need a 40% deposit
    • Early repayment charge applies for 2 years
  • Offset

    Yorkshire Building Society Offset BRT

    • Why we like it:
    • Rate is 2.89% (2.39% above base rate) for 2 years
    • Fee of £995
    • Watch out for:
    • You need a deposit of 25%
    • Early repayment charge until March 2015
  • First Time Buyer

    Britannia Building Society 2 Year Fixed Rate

    • Why we like it:
    • You can borrow 90% of the purchase price
    • Rate is 3.99% for 2 years
    • No fee
    • Watch out for:
    • Early repayment charge for 2 years
  • Buy to Let

    Virgin BTL Everyday Tracker

    • Why we like it:
    • Pay 3.25% variable until Feb 2015
    • You can borrow 60% of purchase price
    • Watch out for:
    • Fees of 2.5% of the mortgage
    • Early repayment charge of 1% of outstanding loan

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