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UK Loan Finder
  • Do you want to obtain a personal loan, a mortgage, or a remortgage?
  • Do you want a fast decision that doesn't leave you waiting around?
  • Do you want friendly, experienced, impartial advice about your mortgage?
  • Do you want the convenience of a number of quotes and the freedom to choose?

All of this is available from UK LoanFinder, a service provided by Caledonian Express. Whether you are employed, self-employed, a short-term contract worker, have impaired credit or are looking for a commercial building, UK Loanfinder could arrange mortgage facilities for you.

Caledonian Express, operating the UK LoanFinder, offers unparalleled experience, integrity and personal service. The friendly staff will quickly identify the mortgage lender most suitable for your requirements, explain to you why they have been recommended, and advise you on the best way to proceed.

The mission of Caledonian Express and UK LoanFinder is to 'strive to offer a professional, ethical, sympathetic and non-judgemental service to their clients.' The needs of UK LoanFinder customers are priority number one. UK LoanFinder believe that the best service on the market comes from the company with the most experienced and friendly staff, who offer the widest choice of no-hassle mortgages.

UK Personal Loans

Getting a UK Personal Loan starts here. UK Personal Loans.com are the one and only stop for UK Personal Secured Loans, UK Homeowner Loans, UK Personal Tenant Loans and UK Debt Consolidation Loans.

A Personal Loan from UKPersonalLoans.com can be used for whatever purpose you like – renovating your house, going on holiday, consolidating your existing debt or paying for a wedding.

Whether you are a homeowner, a mortgage borrower or a tenant, UKPersonalLoans could have a loan for you. Similarly, if you are self-employed and do not fit normal lending criteria, UK Personal Loans.com could have a loan for you. All credit circumstances are considered, with UKpersonalloans.

When it comes to secured loan, UKPersonalLoans only lend to homeowners, using their properties for security. This usually means better interest rates, and with a secure and simple online application process could bag you an exceptionally good deal. All loans are processed by a long established FSA registered finance broker. So if you would like to borrow between £5,000 and £500,000, give UK Personal Loans a try.

UK mortgages online

Finding a UK mortgage deal can be complicated, and getting the best deal possible can be difficult with so much to choose from.

So, how do you find the best mortgage for your individual needs?

UK mortgages online search the whole market for the best deal, comparing the terms and conditions of mortgages from every single lender.

UkMortgagesOnline offer sound financial advice, not just to get you the best initial rate, but also to help you maintain the best deal throughout the term of the mortgage. UKMortgagesOnline do not charge any fees if you apply for a mortgage through them.

UKMortgagesOnline are experts in what to look for on the UK mortgage market, and conversely what to look out for. For instance, loan extensions and discharge fees, stepped interest rates and bad credit footprints. This means that UKMortgagesOnline, as well as pointing you in the direction of the best deal, can also show you what to avoid.

Applying for a mortgage through UKMortgagesOnline could not be simpler, and you will be provided with a direct dial number to get through to a dedicated and qualified mortgage adviser at any time during office hours.

As well as being able to save you time and money on your mortgage, UKMortgagesOnline can also help with life assurance, buildings and content insurance, redundancy cover and payment protection.

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