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Financial Services > Mortgages > Interest Rates > How Swap Rates affect Mortgage Repayments

How Swap Rates affect Mortgage Repayments

Mortgage swap rates

It is not just interest rates set by the Bank of England that affect mortgage repayments. Swap rates and LIBOR rates also affect mortgage borrowers.

What are Swap Rates?

Swap rates are the borrowing rates between financial institutions. Swap rates form the basis of the LIBOR rate.

How do swap rates affect mortgage repayments?

If swap rates are higher than usual, the cost of mortgage repayments goes up. For instance, at the current time (although this is subject to change) swap rates are higher than usual, meaning the price at which lenders buy their funds within the money market is also higher. In response, banks, building societies and mortgage lenders have to increase the cost of repayments.

Why is the cost of fixed-rate mortgages adjusted particularly quickly?

The cost of fixed-rate mortgages is particularly sensitive for lenders. If they fix a mortgage loan at a certain level of repayment, and swap rates remain high or climb throughout the period, they face a greater chance of losing money.

Do lenders always increase repayments above the level of swap rates?

Not always. Many borrowers will attempt to ride out high in swap rates and not adjust the cost of their loans. In an increasingly competitive mortgage market, it is in the best interest of mortgage lenders to keep their products as cheap as possible. Lenders make up their money by cross-selling, or from borrowers who let their fixed-rate deals expire and revert to standard variable rate. .

Does this mean I should fix my mortgage repayments now?

Financial services experts are currently advising consumers hoping to fix their repayments to strike a deal as soon as possible. However, the market is subject to change, and this course of action may swiftly become less appropriate.

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