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Are you muddled about mortgages?

Mortgages: Should you go with a building society or a bank?

With building societies capitalising on the fallout from banking scandals, should you go with them when taking out a mortgage? Read more.

Tesco mortgages: Are they any good?

Tesco is branching out to offer mortgages as part of its bid to become a fully fledged financial provider, but are the deals tempting enough for borrowers? Read more.

How low will mortgage rates go?

A new government scheme is expected to make the mortgage market extra competitive in the coming months, but doubts are already being raised about whether it will reach the neediest buyers. Read more.

The top ten first-time buyer mistakes

If you're taking your first step onto the property ladder, make sure you don't trip at the first hurdle and fall foul of these ten mistakes. Read more.

Is now the time to buy a Eurozone property?

Our neighbours on the continent continue to despair over their finances, but does this mean there's an opportunity for the British bargain hunter? Read more.

Why now's the time to fix your mortgage

Fixed-rate mortgages are at rock bottom levels, making it a great time to lock in while you still can. We find the best deals. Read more.

How to avoid repossession

Thousands of properties are repossessed every year across the UK. If you're concerned that your home could be at risk, follow our top tips. Read more.

Top mortgages for those with a small deposit

The number of mortgages for borrowers with hardly any deposit is increasing, which has to be good news for first-time buyers. Read more.

Should borrowers be tempted by a ten-year mortgage fix?

Rates on ten-year mortgage fixes are currently very competitive, but should borrowers think about tying themselves to one rate for the next decade? Read more.

Sniffing out the latest news

First-timer buyers get boost from building societies

Two lenders have this week announced new mortgages for first-time buyers with small deposits, but how do they fare in the market? Read more.

No rise in house prices for rest of year

The latest Halifax House Price Index shows prices fell in July after increases in the two previous months - but prices will stay flat for the rest of this year. Read more.

Tesco: Do you want a mortgage with your groceries?

One of the most dominant high street brands is venturing into the home loan market, with a range of mortgages available from today. Read more.

Buying a home an 'impossible dream' for young

Affordability continues to be a big barrier to homeownership for most young people as buy-to-let landlords maximise opportunities. Read more.

Nationwide: House prices down nearly 3% in a year

Britain's homes take a bashing as the latest property index shows prices falling at their fastest rate in three years. Read more.

Funding for lending could see mortgage rates drop

A new government funding scheme kicks off today - it's hoped funding for lending will get banks lending to households and small businesses. Read more.

Will HSBC's £1.3bn fines kitty affect future rates?

HSBC has put aside a huge £1.3 billion to cover the costs of it mis-selling and money laundering scandals, will this mean rate hikes for customers? Read more.

NatWest's record low fixed rate of 2.95% beats opposition

Its five-year fixed rate beats HSBC and Santander's rate of 2.99% - although the fee is a high £2,495. Read more.

June house prices stand still

Latest figures from Land Registry show property prices in England and Wales rose by the tiniest margin in June. Read more.


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